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Every Apple Watch comes with a band, but it is just a basic plastic band. There are so many different kinds of bands you can buy, including those that are a bit more stylish. Whether you're looking for something sleek and modern or want something rugged, durable and water-resistant that can handle the elements, there's a band out there for you. AliExpress has the best Apple Watch bands available right now.

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Enthusiastic and cheerful, love sports
In this case, of course, you have to choose a sports strap designed for sports. Apple Watch sports straps are divided into two types: silicone and nylon, which are also divided into traditional buckle, loop and newly updated single-loop straps:

Ordinary sports straps, generally the default standard straps for Apple Watch purchases, are comfortable and rich in color options.

Along with the Apple Watch 6, there are also new single-loop straps, which are divided into two types: silicone single-loop and woven single-loop, of which silicone single-loop is more suitable for sports wear.

There are also some friends who are sensitive to silicone, so they can choose nylon loopback straps.

The appearance value of the nylon strap is significantly higher than that of the silicone strap. Because of the rich color matching and materials, even if it is not for sports, it is a very suitable strap for daily wear. The rich color matching is very easy to match with clothing. to match. At the same time, the nylon strap is not inferior to sports, and it is more comfortable to wear in summer, and it will not feel very stuffy.

The disadvantage of the nylon strap is that it is very uncomfortable to wear a wet sweater after getting wet. If you sweat a lot in summer, it will have an impact, and you need to keep it clean frequently to prevent odors.

There are specializations in the surgery industry, and daily sports should be separated
If you don’t mind changing the special sports strap before and after each exercise, then you can choose some straps with better appearance and quality for daily wear, and these straps are generally made of metal and natural leather. It is also very comfortable to wear.

The first is the traditional leather strap, the most classic design and the most favorite strap material for many people. It will be very comfortable to wear for a long time, and it will leave traces of the user after wearing it for a period of time, which will last for a long time.

The Hermès version with leather straps ranging from a hundred to several thousand has a wealth of choices. Just look at the appearance and leather material to choose, and you don’t need to stick to the original factory. But what you pay for what you pay for is more vividly reflected in the leather material. There are also high-priced products made of top-grade leather for third-party watch straps. Just choose according to the price. The disadvantages of leather straps are also very clear, that is, they need to be taken care of, cannot get wet, and durability varies from person to person.